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  Late Pine Warbler

Published: November 16, 2019
Tags: Rarities, pine warbler, eastern phoebe, tufted duck, king eider

A casual glance over the many American Goldfinches at my feeders this morning made my head spin back for another look.  What???  Sure enough, there was a warbler out in that wintry scene - a beautiful male Pine Warbler!  Cool!  He stayed two days and I was very happy to keep the suet fresh for him. I noticed he went for the tiny crumbs that fell to the deck railing that the woodpeckers and nuthatches dropped.  I hope he made it to his winter home after he continued his journey.

Later that day, I stopped up to see the Tufted Duck Kevin R found at La Salle.  I think it a safe bet that this is the same female I found last year and has returned to this same location.  I was having fun watching reports from this spot in eBird over the last couple of weeks wondering, who would re-find her first: Kevin or Josh???

After enjoying the Pine Warbler this morning, I decided to go up yo Krull Park and see the King Eider Joel Strong found.  It was a beautiful day and lighting was perfect.  What a cool bird and nice rarity for our region.  Still loving the month of November!

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