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Published: March 13, 2019
Tags: General Observations, red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk, tundra swan, turkey vulture, merlin

A few days before our local hawk watch officially began, I decided to visit the site to see if the warmer temps and southerly winds were inspiring any raptors to move.  I soon found some action a little closer to the lake, probably due to the low winds, giving the birds more confidence to fly near the water.

I enjoyed several Turkey Vultures making lazy loops as they found thermals to ride, a Red-shouldered who came in nice and low, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, three Red-tailed Hawks (two which appeared to be local residents), a Merlin zipping along the lake shore, my first Northern Harrier of the year, and several first-of-year (FOY) Killdeer.

What was REALLY fun to see was a huge movement of Tundra Swans all along the lake shore that spanned all the way up in Buffalo down to Hamburg.  Skeins and skeins of swans, all calling their whistling calls, were very impressive to watch and hear.  I can't imagine how many flew across Lake Erie this day!

All day long, blackbirds were streaming across the sky everywhere I turned and Canada Geese were also on the move.  What a big day this turned out to be and I'm glad I got to witness some of the action!

blog photo
Tundra Swans

blog photo
Skeins just like this of Tundra Swans were all over today!

blog photo
A migrating adult Red-shouldered Hawk

blog photo
This Merlin was speeding along the lake shore

blog photo
A poor shot of one of my first Killdeer of the year

blog photo
Turkey Vulture

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