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I've already seen all of the birds that normally frequent WNY as well as many of the more rare birds that have visited our area. But there are still a few of the vagrants that have eluded me. Birders refer to a species you've missed or can't find as a "nemesis bird". Well, I have a few of those as well as some hoped-for birds that might be possible to catch up to here in the Northeast.

If you've just seen one of these birds on the list below and are pretty confident I can find it pretty reliably (within the WNY area), please click here to let me know! Chances are pretty good I'll drop what I'm doing and dash out in hot pursuit!

American Three-toed Woodpecker  

This bird is virtually non-existent in the eastern half of the United States. I hope to see it out west one day - or in the Adirondacks or up in Algonquin if one should return to either of those regions.

Black Rail  

A secretive marsh bird, I have hopes for this fall in Louisiana.

Couch's Kingbird  

Willie, Celeste, and I missed this bird in December of 2016, so now I really want to see it!

Fork-tailed Flycatcher  

I just think they look soooo cool with those really long, long tails!

King Rail  

Another secretive marsh bird, I will pursue this on my next trip to Florida.

Lazuli Bunting  

One of the prettiest birds in North America that I've seen photos of - a definite MUST!

Long-billed Curlew  

As far as shorebirds go, this one takes the prize with its super long bill. Fingers crossed for Louisiana!

Mountain Bluebird  

I should have tried for this bird when it was in Ontario in 2017. Another visited Long Island in January of 2018 - I should've tried then too. Hopefully, I'll get a chance a little closer...

Sprague's Pipit  

There is a ray of hope we'll get a flyover in Louisiana so I'm hoping on it!

Western Grebe  

These grebes look so cool and, now that I've seen a Clark's Grebe, I have hopes to see its counterpart.

White-tailed Tropicbird  

I've been seeing photos of this bird from Flickr posts of someone I follow - what a super beautiful bird! Someday...

Yellow-billed Loon  

A very pretty loon from out west - I would love to catch up to this bird some day.

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