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  An Easter Whip-poor-will at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Published: May 03, 2019
Tags: General Observations, eastern whip-poor-will, northern waterthrush, least flycatcher, lesser yellowlegs

When I woke up this morning, I was so disappointed to sense a throat/cold/virus thing starting to brew.  I had been taking extra and very careful precautions to NOT pick up whatever it was my husband was struggling with.  Well, the nasty bug is very contagious, it appears.  Drat!  This is the WRONG month to get sick!

I stayed home all morning, hoping that some rest would knock the bug out.  But when I heard an Eastern Whip-poor-will was at Forest Lawn, I got my "birder" on real quick!

What a beautiful bird and how cool to see this bird sleeping on the horizontal branch of a tree that overlooks the main birding path known as "Warbler Ridge".  Many birders came to see him or her, a sight we Western New Yorkers rarely get to enjoy.  I only wish we could have heard it sing their beautiful "whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will" song.

I birded just a little more, trying to take care not to talk to too many people as I didn't want to get anyone sick.  After that, I swung by Times Beach since I was pretty close and enjoyed a little while walking through there.  Two Lesser Yellowlegs were nice to see as well as a Least Flycatcher and a very cooperative Northern Waterthrush.

blog photo
The incredible sighting of this Eastern Whip-poor-will

blog photo
A cute little Least Flycatcher at Times Beach

blog photo
One of two Lesser Yellowlegs at Times

blog photo
A stunning Northern Waterthrush at Times

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