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  Blue-winged and Nashville Warblers, and an Amazing Vocalist

Published: May 13, 2011
Tags: Life List Happenings, Blue-winged Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Gray Catbird, Baltimore Oriole, Orchard Park, backyard

This morning began with a beautiful Baltimore Oriole singing his heart out. It's not over and he's still out there singing just as loudly and proudly. I can't believe he's not hoarse by now! And what drives him to sing? A true songster must be exactly what God created him to be.

Enticed by the beauty of our Baltimore Oriole and the gorgeous day, I took an hour off mid-day today to bird our backyard (and surrounding woods). I was amazed to find the third and fourth warblers I've seen on our land so far - a Nashville Warbler and a Blue-winged Warbler!  Actually, there were 3 of the Blue-wings flitting around with one another.  I managed a couple of poor shots - having missed the PERFECT opportunity where the first one lighted on a bush right in front of me!  DARN!  My camera was on manual focus and not auto, so I totally missed the shot!

My short walk around our Orchard Park property produced a few other birds to note: the Baltimore Oriole, of course, a Scarlet Tanager, a few Gray Catbirds, a couple of White-crowned Sparrows, and a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Oh, and I finally located the nest of a pair of Blue Jays I've been looking for. I was certain it was nearby - and sure enough, I found momma sitting on her eggs in a nest up in one of the pine trees near the garden.

blog photo
Gray Catbird - these guys DEFINITELY sound just like a cat!

blog photo
Gray Catbird flies away - they seem quite shy

blog photo
Poor shot of a Blue-winged Warbler, but at least it's good enough to ID the little guy. This is a lifelist addition for me!

blog photo
A Nashville Warbler - a lifelist addition! Thank you, Carl, for the ID!

blog photo
Baltimore Oriole - this guys sang and sang ALL DAY LONG! Amazing vocal chords!

blog photo
Scarlet Tanager

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