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  Eastern Bluebirds - Nesting Behavior

Published: June 05, 2011
Tags: General Observations, Common Yellowthroat, Eastern Bluebird, nesting, Angola, NY, birdhouse, North Carolina

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT go birding without your camera!!! 

You'd think I would know that by now! Yesterday, I had a lifer, the Common Yellowthroat, but totally missed a wonderful photo opportunity because I told myself I was going on a very casual bird walk around in our own woods.  Ugh!  I had beautiful views of this little guy as he hopped around on some scrub and bramble. I went back to find him again today, but no luck!

However, today was still a special treat. Early this morning, I drove down to Angola, NY, where my daughter lives. She's been very excited over the possibility of a pair of Eastern Bluebirds checking out the new birdhouse she bought on a recent trip to North Carolina.

The birdhouse isn't a specifically designed Bluebird house, but apparently, the couple is still interested.  The male has been to the house many times over the past week, and lately, he's been bringing his bride to check it out. They've gone in and out, but no nesting materials have been seen yet. I don't know if this is typical behavior or if they're just curious. All indications are that they're very, very interested in this cute, little house!

Anyway, today was no different. While Katie kept her 2 little ones busy with the donuts I brought to them, I set up my photo dome, took some light readings, sipped my coffee, and waited - and waited - and waited. Sure enough, just as I was starting to get restless, the male came by and posed beautifully for me! What a treat! I was very intrigued by his neat song too.

blog photo
Male Eastern Bluebird

blog photo
Male Eastern Bluebird

blog photo
Isn't this a cute, little house?

blog photo
Beautiful pose

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