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  Little Gull at Unity Island

Published: November 02, 2019
Tags: Rarities, little gull

Numbers of Bonaparte’s Gulls have been amassing along the Niagara River in the last week so it was no surprise to hear that a Little Gull was seen at Unity Island.  They almost always join the “bonies” when they’re present.

Shelley and I took a ride to the hotspot to see if we could catch a glimpse of the dazzling gull and, in spite of the persisting rain, we were rewarded with some nice and close views.  The gorgeous black underwings of this smallest gull in the world caught our eyes often as we watched it hunt for shiners in the river.  What a great sight that we don't get often enough.

blog photo
A beautiful Little Gull

blog photo
Little Gull with Bonaparte's Gull (lower)

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