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Published: April 13, 2020
Tags: General Observations, lesser black-backed gull, greater yellowlegs, common loon, rusty blackbird

I've been set free to drive and do some moderate walking.  Yay!  The very first thing I did, of course, was to go birding!  I drove around the area looking for anything I could find and was happy to find a couple of nice birds...

A trip down to my daughter's brought a surprise Lesser Black-backed Gull in a grassy field and in the rain!  At her place, we found a Greater Yellowlegs, back up towards Hamburg, a few Rusty Blackbirds were at Lakeside Cemetery along with a Common Loon in the small pond.

blog photo
Surprise Lesser Black-backed Gull in a grassy field

blog photo
A Greater Yellowlegs in North Collins

blog photo
One of several Rusty Blackbirds at Lakeside Cemetery

blog photo
A Common Loon also at the cemetery pond

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