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  Elusive Male Hooded Warbler and a Blackpoll

Published: September 07, 2011
Tags: General Observations, Hooded Warbler, Pine Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Blackpoll Warbler

I've been trying to photograph the elusive male Hooded Warbler that has taken up residence in the wooded area near our home.  I've been able to capture a few photos of the female but, until today, never the male.  He's just plain camera shy! But yesterday, I noticed him foraging a little closer in the brush near the edge of the woods.  I quickly grabbed my camera and managed one, poor shot before he moved out of range.

A little later, I saw a life-lister, a Blackpoll Warbler outside my office in the large pine.  Originally, I had posted that he was a Pine Warbler, but my expert friend, Marilyn, from Wild Birds Unlimited, correctly identified him for me. Conditions were dim as it was a rainy day, but with the help of the camera's flash, I got a few more photos to share, including a passing visit by a Black and White Warbler.

There was also another warbler-sized mystery bird that I'm posting a series of photos I got. Again, conditions were poor and he was rather far away, but he had a lot of rufus coloring mixed with olive. A total mystery to me - but again, Marilyn came to the rescue!

blog photo
The backside of the male Hooded Warbler

blog photo
Blackpoll Warbler!

blog photo
NOT a Warbling Vireo like I thought - but a Blackpoll!

blog photo

blog photo
Another Black and White Warbler visited

blog photo
UPDATE: My mystery bird turned out to be a molting male Scarlet Tanager!

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