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  Chirps and Cheeps Featured in The Buffalo News!

Published: October 26, 2012
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thumb of articleA couple of weeks ago, respected birder and well known nature columnist, Gerry Rising, contacted me about featuring Chirps and Cheeps in his Sunday column, "Nature Watch".  I was amazed and so excited I couldn't sleep for days!

At Gerry's request, he came out to the house and I, along with my husband, 3 children, and our 2 youngest grandchildren, had a lovely time visiting and chatting with Gerry about his columns, birding, in general, and a host of other topics.  He must have gathered enough information because sure enough, Gerry's article about Chirps and Cheeps was in print in this past Sunday's edition of The Buffalo News!  Wow!

I downloaded a pdf version of the article and saved it here just in case it disappears from the News:  "Birder's enthusiasm is infectious".

You can find for Gerry's columns each Sunday in The Buffalo News. His articles appear on the last page of the paper on the Science page in the Viewpoints section. Shortly after publication, Gerry also adds his columns to his website at:

By the way, Gerry is compiling his articles into book form and the the first, "THE NATURE WATCH COLLECTION: BOOK ONE", has already been published and is available through in either hard copy or eBook form.  Read more about Gerry's book »

I believe I owe a thank you to Joel Malley too, for posting his love of this bird blog to the bird list group where Gerry got wind of it.  Thank you, Joel!

photo of Gerry Rising
From left to right: my husband, Gary | my oldest daughter, Jenn, w her 2 youngest, Alex and Daisy | my son, Tom | me | my daughter, Kate | our esteemed guest, Gerry Rising

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