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  Signs of Spring!

Published: March 10, 2011
Tags: My Feeders, Spring, American Robin, mealworms, raisins

What a joy spring brings. You can't help but feel more hopeful, more positive and feel a new "spring" in your step! That's the way I felt today when the snow from a few days ago disappeared and I heard and saw the American Robin up close and personal.

I always took this common bird to be "no big deal". But today, I thoroughly enjoyed its sweet, flute-like song with greater appreciation than ever. It truly possesses one of the more beautiful voices.

I've tried enticing the Robins up the feeders, but to date, they haven't ventured here for the mealworms and raisins I put out for them.

Factoid: did you know that the male Robin grows black feathers on the top of his head to attract females? After breeding season is over, he loses these feathers. I should know better than to take any of these little creatures for granted; our marvelous Creator sometimes puts His most awesome handiwork in the most common of His creations!

blog photo
American Robin - his beak is wide open in song!

blog photo
He was enjoying the remains from last fall's sumac.

blog photo
Even this Dark-eyed Junco enjoys our bark butter

blog photo
One of my winter favorites, the American Tree Sparrow, should be leaving our area soon. I'll miss their rich and beautiful songs.

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