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  A Plethora and a Pileated

Published: March 18, 2011
Tags: My Feeders, Pileated Woodpecker, tongue, Audubon, bark butter

Oh, I just LOVE Pileated Woodpeckers! They're marvelously and magnificently made! A female came by again today and indulged in some of our bark butter. I was mesmerized when I realized she was flicking her tongue at the bark of the tree!  I never noticed that before. I looked it up in my Audubon Guide - and sure enough, I wasn't seeing things - these unique birds have very long, sticky tongues.  And wow, they're FAST!  I tried to catch a photo of her tongue, and one does show a short extension of  it, but it doesn't do it it justice - it's really LONG!

A plethora of other visitors showed up today - so a great birding day from my kitchen window all-in-all!

blog photo
Female Pileated Woodpecker

blog photo
It's not in good focus, but you can still see her tongue either coming in or going out

blog photo
Beautiful Blue Jay - he or she was gathering seeds like crazy. I don't think they eat them right away - I think they gather them in their mouth and then eat later.

blog photo
Female Downy Woodpecker - the wind was giving her a bad hair day!

blog photo
White-breasted Nuthatch

blog photo
Male House Finch

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